Why We Walk

Why We Walk

Why We Walk

Why We Walk

Why We Walk

"I walk because I care."

"I walk because HIV is preventable. To bring awareness to the community and support to those in need."

"I walk because in June 2009, I found out I was HIV positive"

"I walk for those who can't."

"I walk in memory of my brother David."

"I walk to support a good cause along with my company and colleagues."

"I walk for my wife."

"I walk to help bring AIDS awareness to the African-American community."

"I walk to remember friends brimming with life and friends who are gone, to give back to a community that has enriched so many lives, and to spend time with compassionate, fun-loving souls."

"I walk to support my local community."

"I walk in remembrance of my Uncle Jim."

"I walk because I'm lucky enough to be healthy. I want everyone to have that chance."

"I walk for our longtime family friend Greg, who has lived with HIV for over 15 years."

"I walk because it's the loving thing to do. It's the right thing to do."

"I walk to do my part in helping to stop the AIDS epidemic."

"I walk to celebrate my second chance at a healthy life."

"I walk to be an inspiration to others."

"I walk to give back to the community that was there for me when I needed help."

"I walk to remove the stigma that AIDS is a gay disease. Everyone is affected by this terrible epidemic."

"I walk so that someday AIDS will be a thing of the past."

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